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Confident Conversations

Confident Conversations is a weekly podcast show for ambitious women about confidently balancing work and life without burning out.

Hosted by Sherry Bevan, Author, Coach & Speaker, Sherry is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm and over two decades of leadership experience. She now helps ambitious women get clear what they really want then find the confidence to do it.

Sherry runs The Confident Mother, an independent coaching practice, specialising in working with women in technology and women in professional services, on a one-to-one basis or in a group, individually or through your in-house career and leadership development programmes. She is also the founder and host of City Conversations

Mar 16, 2018

When you delegate effectively and with confidence, it puts you in a better position to make a bigger impact in your career because:

  • you and your team get better results
  • you are more productive
  • you are making the best use of the skills and experience available
  • you demonstrate your leadership potential

The art of...

Mar 1, 2018

Often the smart ambitious women that I talk to every week are not being assertive enough on LinkedIn.

This week my theme is about being more assertive in the workplace without getting labelled as aggressive. At the same time I don’t want you to be underestimated.

When I work with my clients, whether one-to-one or in...

Feb 15, 2018


The last time I had a job interview I was a bag of nerves. And I know that's true for lots of my clients too, particularly if your last job interview was several years ago.

That's why I'm delighted to pick the brains of career expert Sarah Archer. Sarah shares her best interview tips so that you can wow the...

Jan 18, 2018

Very often the women that I talk to about their career strategy, they hadn't even thought about using LinkedIn until they started jobhunting. But actually there are SO many reasons to get active on LinkedIn even if you're not jobhunting because it's such a powerful networking platform. And the best time to start...

Jan 5, 2018

So many of the women that I often talk to or work with struggle to tame their inner critic. Those "You're not good enough" thoughts in your head. The fear of being 'found out'

Often these thoughts stop us from doing our best work and making a bigger impact at work so that we can take our career to the...