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Confident Conversations

Confident Conversations is a weekly podcast show for ambitious women about confidently balancing work and life without burning out.

Hosted by Sherry Bevan, Author, Coach & Speaker, Sherry is a former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm and over two decades of leadership experience. She now helps ambitious women get clear what they really want then find the confidence to do it.

Sherry runs The Confident Mother, an independent coaching practice, specialising in working with women in technology and women in professional services, on a one-to-one basis or in a group, individually or through your in-house career and leadership development programmes. She is also the founder and host of City Conversations

Apr 20, 2017

For ambitious women about confidently balancing work and life, hosted by me, Sherry Bevan, Author, Coach & Speaker.

A former Global Head of IT Service for a City law firm, I now work as a women’s leadership coach helping ambitious women get clear on what they really want then find the confidence to do it.

Today's conversation is about networking with confidence. Heather White is the CEO and founder of Smarter Networking Limited. She is a Networking and Personal Brand Expert and for the last 15 years has not only trained thousands on how to access the right people, she has personally connected hundreds of people together.

Through these combined experiences Heather created Boardroom Ready to answer the frustration of senior executives seeking commercial boardroom experience. Her principal role is to find and match senior executives with boards across all sectors, offering networking coaching where relevant.

The three questions that everybody else wants to know:

  • How do I break into a group
  • How do I start a conversation 
  • How do I get away from somebody

All this and more. 

GUEST: Heather White of Smarter Networking
HOSTED BY: Sherry Bevan 

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